Delivery of Products 

Products purchased will be delivered by InteriorFinder S.L. at the address indicated by the customer as a destination address. The choice of the various modes of transport will be made by the customer at the time of purchase. The goods are properly packed for travel expense and risk of the purchaser from the time of delivery to the carrier.

Therefore, InteriorFinder S.L. recommends that upon delivery the customer verifies the condition of packages immediately. In case of delays, accidents, total or partial loss or other problems, it is up to the customer to inform the carrier, without it being the responsibility of InteriorFinder S.L.

Therefore, at the point of delivery, InteriorFinder S.L. recommends the customer to check on the condition of the delivered goods before signing the acknowledgement of receipt for the package. Once you sign it's not longer possible to open a claim for any damaged products. It's in your right to open and check any products if the packaging has any sign of damage.

If the customer notes any damage he/she shall reject the products or issue hand written, precise and dated reservations. These reservations must be confirmed by registered letter with recorded receipt sent to the carrier within three (3) working days following the delivery date of the products.

A copy shall be sent to IntreriorFinder S.L., Plaza de Miraflores 7, 29601 Marbella – Málaga, Spain. As an indication, without any involvement of InteriorFinder S.L., and unless the availability of products in stock, the goods will be delivered with the following schedule: E-money, bank transfer and or pay pal. Delivery will be entrusted to the carrier within 1-8 weeks of receipt of any accreditation or proof of payment.

Delivery times are indicative if there was no physical or structural impediments (e.g. incorrect addresses) or events of a force majeure such as strikes, natural disasters, problems related to shipping / delivery / manufacture, exchange rate fluctuations, governmental actions and / or regulations. If the force majeure event continues for a period exceeding two months, each party shall be entitled to terminate the contract without any compensation being due to the counterparty.

The delivery will be considered done at the moment the product is delivered to the customer. The document issued by the carrier, dated and signed by the customer to the delivery of the product, will offer proof in the field of transportation and the release of the goods. In case of error inherent in the product, the customer agrees to return the product or products to InteriorFinder S.L. within 7 (seven) days after receipt, provided that they are returned closed, in their original packaging and with the documents attached.

The product delivery, unless otherwise specified, this shall mean street level. The customer accepts these conditions by purchasing.

Right to Return

The customer has the right to rescind the contract and to return the ordered goods without any penalty and without specifying the reason within the term of 10 (ten) working days from the definition of the order ( the order is defined when the payment has been received) or from the receipt of the Products. The right of withdrawal should be exercised by the customer, under penalty of forfeiture, by sending a registered letter to InteriorFinder S.L., Plaza de Miraflores 7, 29601 Marbella - España, within the period of 10 (ten) working days from the receipt of the products. The notification referred above can be sent, within the same term, by telegram or fax to InteriorFinder S.L. the number +34 951701493, confirmed by registered letter, within 48 (forty eight) hours after sending the telegram or fax.

The consumer can not exercise the right of withdrawal for the supply of goods produced to order, "Based on a personal choice or clearly personalized" (art. 55 Legislative Decree 09/06/2005 n. 206); many of the products of our catalog are part of this series, for more information contact our customer service.

All returns (which should be perfectly intact and accompanied by the original packaging) must be authorized by the Customer Service. The product must be returned in its original packaging. The product must not have been used, or have suffered even the minimal damage and it must be in a state of perfect cleanliness.

Once the return is authorized, the customer can return the product to the following address: InteriorFinder S.L., Plaza de Miraflores 7, 29601 Marbella - España.Cash on delivery is not accepted. Once received the products (and verified their integrity), InteriorFinder S.L. will refund the customer the paid amount within a maximum of 30days. For this reason, the customer should communicate to InteriorFinder S.L. their bank details.

Return costs must be charged to the customer. After the receipt, InteriorFinder S.L. will examine the goods to verify the existence of any damages (the substantial integrity is an essential condition for the exercise of the right of withdrawal). If the goods have been damaged during the transport, InteriorFinder S.L. will inform the Customer (within 5 working days from the receipt of goods in their stores), to enable him to do a timely complaint against the carrier of choice and get a refund of the value of the property (if insured). In this case, the product will be made available to the customer for the return, simultaneously canceling the request of withdrawal. InteriorFinder S.L. is not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments.

During the withdrawal period quoted in art. 15, the customer is responsible for the object as custodian of it. In case of damage or destruction of the product during the custody of the customer, the right of withdrawal will decay. Attention: All postage and packaging for returning goods are charged to the customer. The consumer can not exercise the right of withdrawal for the supply of goods produced to order, "made to measure or clearly personalized"; many of the products of our catalog are part of this series, for more information contact our customer service.