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    ALIVAR offers a modern and refined style, ideal for those looking for simplicity and considering functionality an essential aspect of everyday objects.

    With its contemporary furniture ALIVAR is not ever following trends or current tendencies. Always intend to redefine and reinterpret spaces, the company offers a catalogue that is the result of a prudent and predictive interpretation of today's way of living.

    ALIVAR furniture solutions are addressed to a clientele that loves luxury without ostentation and buys Italian products because it understands and appreciates the values these exceptional pieces of furniture represent.

  • Atmosphera

    Atmosphera is a reference for outdoor furnishing solutions and is characterised by dynamic and contemporary design lines, for a style that lasts over time and is recognisable and identifiable.

    Atmosphera  is rediscovering the relationship with nature through direct experience and observing a privileged environment. This is the challenge in design and production that guides us in the development of our products and projects, the study of suitable materials suitable and the attention to production details that make our products unique. This is the philosophy that accompanies our search for beauty and good living. This is our spirit, our outdoor soul.

  • Bross Italy

    Founded in 1981, Bross has always been known as a fresh and creative company, also attentive to detail and to the quality of its products. The attention to detail, the careful selection of materials and the love for wood are distinctive features of the company that was created to meet the specific requirement of the early '80s: qualify the production and the potential of the company in terms of aesthetics, functionality and technology.

  • Cantori

    Cantori represents and designs contemporary taste, marked by delicate sensations, minimalist and sophisticated emotion, and by intimate shades of colour.

  • Casamilano Home

    Casamilano hat sich einen Platz in der Welt der Möbelherstellung geschaffen, mit internationalen Erfolgen die auf den familiären Ursprung des Betriebs aufbauen.

    Stühle, Tische, Behälter, Sessel, Sofas, Lampen, Spiegel, alle Made in Italy. Die Casamilano-Kollektionen vereinen elegantes Design und Funktionalität. Durch die Wahl der Materialien, die gekonnt miteinander verbunden und bis ins kleinste Detail gepflegt werden, entstehen einzigartige Gegenstände für moderne Haushalte.

  • Cattelan Italia

    Cattelan Italia wurde 1979 von Giorgio und Silvia Cattelan mit der Vorstellung gegründet, dass Möbel einen Zeit und Lebens näheer bringen sollen. Mit Innovation und Eleganz, ist Cattelan Italia ein führendes Unternehmen in der italienischen Möbelindustrie geworden und Synonym für Design und Qualität "Made in Italy". Die Cattelan Italia Produktpalette umfasst modernen Esszimmer und Schlafzimmer sowie eine große Auswahl an Möbeln für andere Wohnräume in modernem Design. Nie gewöhnlich, aber immer praktisch, sind die Produkte von Cattelan Italia in der Lage, Einrichtungen mit Originalität und Innovation zu verbinden, weil sie mit Sinn für das tägliche Leben und der Leidenschaft für modernen Lifestyle konzipiert sind.

  • Contardi

    Contardi is an Italian lighting design brand that produces lamps that stand out for their great decorative power, expressed through innovative shapes, materials and technologies. Founded in 1978, the Milan-based company specializes in lighting solutions for contract, ensuring an elegant style and high standards of quality that can satisfy any need. In a few years, Contardi lighting has managed to conquer the global market. Contardi lamps are elegant products characterised by a contemporary style, signed by international designers such as Alltogether, Servomuto, Nika Zupanc and Staffan Tollgard.

  • Daytona

    A history that began with the production of art furniture at the end of the 1960s and is now in its third generation, distinguished by continuous research into style innovation and attention to detail. A fusion of dynamics and experience in the Daytona collection, firmly positioning the company also in the modern luxury market.

  • Ditre Italia

    Sofas, Sessel, Betten und Zubehör. Ditre Italia Kollektion bietet eine breite Auswahl von Produkten, mit einem einzigartigen und erkennbaren Stil. Die ständige ästhetische und auch technische Forschung und die sorgfältige Auswahl von Bezüge, von der Haut zu den Geweben, charakterisieren den gesamten Ditre Italia Katalog, die verschiedene Lösungen für jede Art von Projektanforderung und persönlichem Geschmack bieten kann.

  • Domkapa

    Throughout 10 years of experience, Domkapa has established itself as a reference in the upholstering business. Endowed with the most modern technology and a manufacturing area of over 5500 m2 (over 59.000 sq/ft), Domkapa does business nationally and beyond borders, covering all of Europe, Africa, and Asia.
    Domkapa is a cemented project, but never a settled project. Domkapa always aims to reach higher and be better, with its experience and strong investment in cutting-edge design.

  • Eichholtz

    Eichholtz is a producer of luxury furniture, lighting and accessories with a unique design. They aim to continuously inspire the interior design industry with our extensive collections.

    "Almost everyone speaks of a typical ‘Eichholtz style’ but in my opinion there is no one particular style that defines our work. Although we work with a central idea, we always set different, innovative and dynamic goals when we create a new collection. International borders have not restricted us from finding and sourcing the finest of the finest. We travelled across the globe and this book shows you where our travels have taken us. According to Diana Vreeland, “The eye must travel” and I couldn’t agree more." - Theo Eichholtz

  • Frato Interiors

    Frato offers a scalable and versatile collection, bearing in mind clients specific needs as well as their personal interpretation of life. The fusion between Classic and Contemporary styles, meticulously managed, grants Frato its timeless look. Frato is mainly driven by the clients satisfaction and by the constant desire to evolve towards the achievement of three leading values: Perfection, Elegance and Quality.

  • Giulio Marelli

    The Marelli living and luxury furniture can serve many different functions, from a formal sitting area to a casual living space. As you start browsing living room decorating ideas for your home, think about the space's desired purpose and focus on a few staple items, such as a comfortable sofa and a coffee table, then choose the rest of the accent furniture and decor accordingly.

  • Gurian

    The authentically Italian quality of Gurian’s brand is not simply a feature of geography but also a business decision, it is the result of an intelligent balance between careful craftsmanship and precision technology.
    Technology allows us to develop innovative solutions aimed at improving well-being and our industrial production processes. The specialised skills of our craftsmen guarantee the quality of a human touch and meticulous control. Within a technologically advance environment, the product still preserves a more sartorial ethos that is nurtured in every last detail.

  • Jetclass

    Jetclass Group’s headquarters is located in the biggest area of the furniture industry in Portugal, in the city of Valongo, Porto district. Jetclass Group is nowadays a leading company in the production and supply of furniture and decorative lighting. The company has an architecture and interior design office, qualified to offer complete and personalised solutions not only to the Residential sector, but also, and increasingly, to the Contract sector.

  • Longhi

    Longhi is a company whose core focus is contemporary living. While mindful of changes in taste, its manufacturing roots run deep. The variety of items it offers – furnishing accessories, sliding glass room dividers, doors for interiors, sofas – is the result of a consistent global, corporate strategy that influences every aspect of the production process.

  • Max Divani

    The Made in Italy sofas by Maxdivani are the result of a passionate passing of the baton between designers, engineers, carpenters, blacksmiths and upholsterers. Each person plays a significant role, putting all their creative and operational potential into the company to create a product which has been thoroughly tested to be durable and comfortable, enjoyable and defined, following the tradition but gazing towards the future.

  • Medea Lifestyle

    A long history of passion and tradition, wise production capability able to transform the material of wood into objects of desire. The long sartorial and artisan traditions are combined together to create environments that stand out, with an unmistakable style that encompasses all the codes of uniqueness of this extraordinary territory. Fashion, taste, style, culture and timeless time, the guidelines that make the great power of Medea Lifestyle.

  • MisuraEmme

    Misuraemme since 1902 has made an industrious and untiring contribution to "Made in Italy" values. MisuraEmme's current industrial dimension and potential represent a strong heritage that has been built over time. A long history dedicated to a constantly evolving know-how, defining the company as an internationally-recognized Brand.

    All MisuraEmme designs are original "made in Italy" creations. They represent an attentive monitoring of market trends and changes; well-rounded products with exclusive quality as their main ambition, permeated with the company's tenacious enthusiasm and manufactured directly on our premises-part of a tested balance between the performance capacities typical of serial production and stylistic flair of a true designer.

  • Munna Design

    Established in Porto in 2008, Munna is a furniture design brand renowned for creating handmade upholstery with unmatched craftsmanship, seamlessly blending noble materials and timeless
    design, for both commercial and residential projects.
    Made by hand in Porto, Munna’s pieces honour the profound heritage of craftsmanship, while drawing inspiration from history’s most influential artistic periods, using high quality fabrics such as cotton
    velvet, twill, leather and silk; the finest wood veneers, such as ebony, walnut and rosewood; sumptuous gold, silver and copper leaves, metal details in brass, nickel and copper, and superior lacquers.
    Munna’s designers and craftsmen are committed to delivering only highest standard upholstery, creating armchairs, sofas, stools and folding screens that never lose their power of amazement.
    The brand’s philosophy is to create meaningful design with lasting appeal, matched by signature exquisite finery. Munna has become an international reference in the creation of timeless design
    that infuse a higher form of living.

  • Officina Luce

    This brand crafts luxury decorative lighting. Effortlessly combining contemporary allure and classic elegance, Officina Luce creates exquisite chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps. Using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship, each piece is made with the outmost care in order to deliver a final product that is a one-of-a-kind, stunning piece of functional décor.

  • Ofifran

    Since 1990, the company Ofifran S.L. designs, manufactures and commercializes office furniture in more than 50 countries. Developing and improving its product range constantly, we have driven having a particular way of looking at office furniture, giving a lot of importance to the general concept and the diversity of the design by means of looking at every individual detail.

    Every office space collection has its own special and unique image which helps its owner to express its individuality and originality.

    Ofifran S.L. guarantees an immeasurable quality of which the materials and usage of this are a variety of shapes and finishes to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

  • Philipp Selva

    Philipp Selva is the total living luxury concept proposed by Selva with a line of elegant and refined furniture with a cosmopolitan feel. It is not a collection but a lifestyle concept, which is the protagonist of the most exclusive spaces; a concept that expresses through its products the sophisticated and perfectly balanced taste of deeply rooted craftsmanship, backed by almost 50 years of experience, always in step with a continuously evolving market. Continuous research is one of the strong points of Philipp Selva, which distinguishes itself thanks to a unique concept that lends a discreet total living luxury mood to all spaces.

  • Rausch

    Rausch Classics findet man in den besten Hotels, Golfclubs und auf luxuriösen Kreuzfahrtschiffen weltweit. Überall, wo Menschen Luxus genießen und höchste Ansprüche stellen, ist Rausch Classics zuhause. Denn klassisch darf sich nur nennen, was die Zeit überdauert: in der Ästhetik genauso wie in der Qualität.

  • Rugiano

    RUGIANO ist ein wichtiger Hersteller und Marktführer im gehobenen Möbelgeschäft  "Made in Italy" präsentiert eine einzigartige Kollecktion von individuelle Möbelstücken für eine internationalen und anspruchsvolle Klientel.
    RUGIANO bedeutet stilvolles Design, hochwertige Produktion und feinste Materialien für die besten Ergebnisse in Bezug auf Luxus, geeignet für jede Art von Innenarchitektur.

  • Sitland

    Sitzmöbel, die jeden Raum einrichten können: kollektive, öffentliche und private Räume. Sitland erzeugt Sessel für die Direktions- und Manageretage, für Büro und Meeting, Besuchersessel, kollektive, multifunktionelle Sitzmöbel, Sessel für Hörsäle und Theater, sowie eine Kollektion von Einrichtungszubehör mit umfassender Auswahl an großen und kleinen Tischen.

  • Smania

    SMANIA entwickelt und produziert sehr hochwertige Möbel sowie Accessoires. SMANIA Produkte sind Kreationen für anspruchsvolle Kunden, die die Qualität der Materialien und die Eleganz eines besonderen Stils wertschätzen. Originalität, Kreativität und Leidenschaft bei der Arbeit und die Liebe zum Detail haben den Stil von SMANIA geprägt und zu dessen Erfolg beigetragen.

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